Patient-centered care environment

The concept of diagnostic centers has been developing in the last decade and taking a totally new dimension. It is now well established that 70% of medical decisions depend on lab, radiology and medical imaging investigations. Realizing the potential and significance of the diagnostic industry, we as the founders of Bioscan, are establishing a new chain of radiology and imaging centers that will enhance these services in Jordan to a much higher standard with a patient centered care environment. It is believed that this will raise the bar much higher and influence market dynamics.
The medical consultants and shareholders of Bioscan have been in the private sector for more than 25 years, with renowned reputation and were constantly updated with latest technology available. The first branch is equipped with state of the art 1.5 Tesla MRi, that is fast and silent offering a 70 cm wide for patient space; ensuring utmost patient comfort and medical care. In addition, Bioscan first branch will house the fastest CT scan that can provide non-invasive procedure for heart and gastro intestinal tract, along with a wide spectrum of procedure for neurology, orthopedics and general surgery. In addition, an advanced ultrasound unit, a mammography unit and the basic digital x-ray for routine work will also be in place. The center will employ the most sophisticated medical records hub and a radiology information system (RIS) to allow patients, physicians and healthcare professional access their records, past and present, using big data technology.

Bioscan will benefit from the high number of patients visiting the area requiring lab and X-ray.
It is intended to roll out the model to different area in Jordan and elsewhere, with variable equipping strategies depending on need and location. This can also create streaming of patients at a larger scale, much needed in corporate contracts e.g. refugees and embassies. It is well established now that consultation and electronic connectivity between the centers allows our radiologists to offer their services to remote areas e.g. hospitals in urban areas or similar which will limit unnecessary wages for consultants in remote areas.
Bioscan is a model that is created by a skilled managerial team with long experience and history in the private sector, staffed by famous and experienced consultants and technicians with a clear focus towards the market that depends on proven successful and popular diagnostic services model in Jordan.

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